Blackjack Variations

Like many other casino games out there these days, blackjack comes in several variations that have new and exciting rules. Players who are interested in new twists can check out any of the following blackjack game types.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This is perhaps the most popular version of blackjack, though the differences between this game and standard blackjack are almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye.


In short, Vegas Strip blackjack is played with either four or six decks of cards depending on the venue. The dealer must stand on 17, players can double down after any split except for split Aces and they may re-split after splitting, except for the splitting of Aces.

Face-Up 21

This version of blackjack follows the same rules of standard variations except that both of the dealer’s cards are played face up instead of one being face down.


While this may make beating the dealer a bit easier, there are some drawbacks to be considered. All tie hands are considered the dealer’s win and blackjacks pay even money instead of the traditional three to two.

Perfect Pairs

This blackjack variation follows the same rules as Vegas Strip blackjack but players can choose to place optional side bets if they believe that either the player or the dealer will receive a pair.


Perfect pairs, or two cards of the same rank and suit, will pay out 30 to one; colored pairs, or two cards of the same rank and color, pay out 10 to one; any other pair will pay out five to one.

There are many other blackjack variations to learn and play in order to make the game more exciting. For games that are a bit more straightforward and certainly less complex, players are encouraged to try baccarat, roulette or online slots.