Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wagering Strategies in Horse Racing

When dealing with the topic of wagering strategies in horse racing, especially if you are going to bet on Kentucky Derby races, there are two things to keep in mind. You want to maximize the ROI (profits), but you also have to be comfortable with the type of bet that you will be using.

Let's examine two different types of wagers - both of which are very profitable;

a)WIN bet. This produces 46% winners, and an ROI (profit) of 28%.

There are two types of Win bets in our BEST BET reports. 1) Betting on one horse, if it's a clear cut standout. 2) Betting equal amounts on two horses (not dutching) if there is no standout.

b)EXACTA bet. This produces 24% winners, but a big ROI (profit) of 42%.

Even though the Exacta produces more profits than the Win bet, there will be more losing streaks. And the losing streaks will tend to be considerably longer.

So, you must decide your losing comfort zone.

There are many different wagering strategies. Your comfort zone should be the deciding factor which one you should use.

Do you still have confidence in your betting even after 15 straight losing bets? And on rare occasions (once or twice a year), the losing streak could reach over 20 straight losers.

Despite the fact that you make more money with the Exacta in the long-run, this type of wager may not be for you.

Some people will not be comfortable and will be quite nervous after 15 to 20 straight losers.

If you are in this category, the Win bet is more suitable for you. You will make good profits, without undue stress.

On the other hand, you may find this whole discussion about losing streaks a non-issue. This is probably the case if you are a veteran handicapper.

If you have a good knowledge of the game, you must be well aware that there are "Longshot" methods out there that are being peddled for big bucks. They are theoretically profitable - but you have to endure 40 or 50 play losing streaks occasionally.

So a 15 to 20 play streak probably doesn't bother you. As long as the handicapping strategy is sound, you know that this is to be expected. And you are very happy to make a 40+% profit in the long-run.

As the old saying goes, "The voice of experience is the best teacher".

Trifecta Betting

Lastly, we will discuss the most popular wager - the TRIFECTA.

While it is extremely popular, it is also the MOST destructive for the average bettor's wallet.

There are many different wagering strategies peddled around when it comes to the Trifecta.

But regardless of which one is used, the Trifecta causes the largest losses to the general public - by a huge margin.

Our Trifecta method shows a very healthy profit; by using the exacta plays and applying it the same way to the Trifecta. But we have two reasons why we aren't recommending it to our clients.

1)The win percentage is only 16%. So it basically becomes a typical "Longshot" type of play. You have these homongous losing streaks. We abhor long losing streaks. The win percentage can be boosted up to over 25% by playing more combinations, but then the long-term profits are reduced substantially.

2)As all of you know, any betting payoff that is $600 or more (300 to 1 odds) is automatically sent to the IRS. Each time you cash such a bet, you must fill out the W-2G IRS form, etc,etc...

We have these money generating plays from Win and Exacta betting.

Who needs the additional aggravations of dealing with the IRS. Enough said.

Methods that are based on betting longshots only, are also among the wagering strategies that you must avoid at all costs - if you want to be profitable.

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